Mindness – The new trend to spirit

‘Wellness’, ‘selfness’ and ‘mindness’ are trends on the market of ‘conscious relaxation’. Wellness is generally means a healthy balance of the mind-body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being and is used to mean the physical pampering of a guest. Selfness is self-awareness: the ability to watch, assess and change oneself. A wellness holiday is a relaxation holiday with after effects last for a limited time. Selfness holidays aim to effect a long term change of perception of the self and attitude towards life. This helps the guest to manage their every day life in a healthier and happier way once they return from their holidays.
Mindness refers to the aspect of consciousness: the conscious care for a beautiful and clear spirit.

"In the beginning was WELLNESS. We feel stressed and we want to 'allow ourselves’ to relax our body and soul. Then came SELFNESS: the quest for an authentic, self competant I. However, body and soul cannot reach balance when the SPIRIT has not also reached balance. Therefore in the next years a strong confrontation with CONSCIOUSNESS lies ahead. MINDNESS means: LEARNING HOW TO THINK MORE BEAUTIFULLY AND MORE PRODUCTIVELY!“

Matthias Horx, Trend-Report 2005, Zukunftsinstitut (renowned german futurologist)

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